How to get a "FREE" tiled floor for your small-business

Is your floor in need of replacement at your small business?  How would you like to replace it for FREE and help out your fellow businesses around the area? This can be accomplished by selling advertisements to be lasered engraved on each tile.  You can sell advertisements for $200.00 on up and have their business information or business card engraved right into the tile. After the tiles have been installed on the floor those advertisements will be there for the length of your business.  Think of all the interest you will generate at your business with people walking around reading the advertisements on the floor.  It is a cheap way of advertising for other businesses, You get a free floor, Some extra money, And you keep your customers in your store for a longer period of time.  This is a win-win situation all around, and yes the QR codes really do work when you scan them.

Can you think of other ways to advertise?

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