Throw blanket

when I say we have you covered. we really have you covered. We are now introducing A throw cover with nine panels to put your personalize photos on. This cover is very comfortable and warm, but most of all it is personalized with your own loved ones photos. This cover is great for babies first blanket, wedding gifts, mother or father's day gifts, teens going away for college gifts. If you would like a great gift that you can wrap yourself up in and be reminded of places and people who love you, this is the perfect one for you. Remember when picking out your photos to either have all portrait type photos or landscape photos. The panels only run in one direction so you would not want to have upside down photos. Also try to pick out good quality photos something with large faces or objects that are not blurry. This blanket could be passed down through generations. We the team at ChristyAl  Plaques & Engraving are very excited about this new line of products that we are able to offer. Please go to our website catalog and check out all the more that we are able to provide for you. Thank you so much and, Cover Up !!