Personalize Flip-Flops


I thought this was pretty cool, personalize flip-flops to show off your unique personality. Recently my wife and I went to the Lions International Convention in Toronto Canada. 109 different countries from around the world where there in support of The Lions Convention. I was very proud to show off a pair of flip-flops that I had made with the Lions logo on it. I Could not believe how many people admired them. A Lions member from Japan even tried to trade me with some traditional wooden sandals from Japan. Unfortunately our foot sizes were quite a bit different. With so much attention being given to my unique style of flip-flops I decided to post this. This is a good way to show off their individual styles and personalities. It is also not a bad idea to promote your business, school, service club and much more. This way you always have a cool pair of slippers that would draw attention anywhere, Not only that " They Were FUN To Wear"!!